Tools Overview

“Community protocols are an accessible tool for equalizing, or even reversing, historically one-sided control of research processes and outcomes. In abiding by them, researchers have an obligation to examine how and where their work intersects with the historical and contemporary concerns, self-defined needs, and political agendas of Indigenous communities to consider if their objectives are well matched with those of the community”.

—(Kelly Bannister, 2000).

Ethics Tools

In this section, you will find several resources in the field of research ethics involving Indigenous Peoples

Access to instruments developed in Canada and elsewhere to guide research involving Indigenous Peoples (codes of ethics, collaboration agreements, etc.).

A presentation of the ethical issues of research involving Indigenous Peoples and a list of best practices identified in the Canadian instruments.

Methods for the creation and evaluation of ethical tools and models incorporating the best practices identified in Canada.

A list of references in the field of research ethics involving Indigenous Peoples

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